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Art and Design

Award-winning Art and Design resources designed to enthuse and engage learners

Daydream Education offer a range of colourful and informative Art resources for key topics such as art history, art theory and famous artists and are designed to work alongside the National Curriculum, covering Key Stages 2 and 3 and GCSE.

Our vibrant and eye-catching resources engage pupils in the study of art, allowing them to apply their knowledge and skills.

  • Art and Design Posters

    Art and Design Posters

    Our visual and attention grabbing art & design posters have been designed to engage and enthuse pupils. The charts support visual learning and are a great way of brightening up the classroom. The posters combine clear and concise curriculum-based content with striking images and graphics to engage pupils and reinforce learning.

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  • Art and Design Revision Guides - Pocket Posters

    Art and Design Revision Guides - Pocket Posters

    These colourful and engaging Art & Design revision guides will help to improve pupils' understanding of key GCSE topics. The bright and colourful Pocket Posters contain our award-winning Art & Design posters, ensuring colourful and easy-to-read pages.

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Art & Design Learning Resources

What is Art and Design?

Art and design is the application of creativity, theory, skill and imagination, often in a visual form. Art and design in both primary and secondary schools cover a broad range of topics, from fine art, art textiles and art history, to art theory, graphic communication and three-dimensional design. Studying art, craft and design throughout school can encourage pupils to immerse themselves within artistic material and develop their own creativity.

Why Use Art & Design Posters in the Classroom?

Displaying art and design posters in the classroom is an effective way to engage pupils and sustain their interest and attention in a specific topic. This makes them perfect for use in the classroom. Art and design posters displayed in the classroom will help pupils to realise their creative potential. Bright and visual educational resources engage pupils and stimulate learning, especially when coupled with simple content and colourful, vivid backgrounds. Professionally designed posters that are created with exam specifications and key content in mind are ideal learning tools. Art and design posters that are as informative as they are decorative will be a brilliant addition to any classroom.

How can Art & Design Posters be Used in the Classroom?

Posters can be used to motivate pupils as well as helping them to focus on key facts, that may otherwise have been forgotten. All teachers can relate to the following scenario: a class understands a topic the day that it has been explained to them, but when it comes to revision a little while later, the students have no recollection of the subject. This is where effective art and design posters displayed in the classroom can help. If engaging and informative art and design posters are displayed in a classroom all year round, pupils will constantly be in eye-sight of the key information they need to succeed in their art and design course. Educational posters that visually display concise content can also help students to absorb material faster. This will create a more efficient and effective learning process. The best art and design wall charts are simple, brief, appropriate, colourful, well-designed and a large size. This will guarantee that they can be seen, read and understood from a distance, ensuring pupils' engagement and interest in artistic content. Posters in the classroom can be used by teachers to supplement lessons, as they are handy reference guides that will help pupils to visualize examples of the topics that are being discussed.

Why Use Art & Design Revision Guides?

"Fail to prepare, prepare to fail." This could not be more appropriate than when it comes to art and design exams and the often-dreaded revision. Concise and informative revision guides can help to relieve stress surrounding art exams and help pupils to refresh knowledge that has been taught in class. Re-reading and engaging with key art and design information that is relevant to pupils' exams, will increase the likelihood of academic success. If pupils undertake no active revision, they will likely struggle in their tests, regardless of age or academic level. Art and design revision guides are not just for exams, though! Revision guides can also be used throughout the academic year to introduce pupils to topics, or to help solidify content that a pupil may not have fully understood when taught in class. This is often the case when a topic is first introduced, but after spending time dedicated to revision, pupils will increase their understanding and be able to better apply their knowledge in upcoming art exams.

How can Art & Design Revision Guides be Used Effectively?

To use art and design revision guides effectively, pupils should first find a quiet place to work with no distractions. Some people like to listen to music whilst they revise, whereas other people prefer complete silence. But there is one universal rule that can be applied to all art and design revision: don't leave it until the night before the exam! If pupils give themselves plenty of time to start their revision prior to exams, then trial and error of different styles can be fully explored. Every person will have a slightly different revision technique; you just have to find the one that's right for you. This could include: using your art and design revision guide to read aloud, reading to yourself, creating mind-maps or writing notes. Art and design revision guides don't just have to be used for exams. They can also be used following a lesson to give a comprehensive overview of the topic that's just been taught. By revising different subject areas throughout the academic year, pupils will give themselves the best chance of succeeding in their art and design course.

What are Art & Design Pocket Posters?

Art and design pocket posters are compact, simple and concise alternatives to text-heavy revision guides. Art and design pocket posters are a compilation of all our engaging and learner-friendly posters, compacted into a small and carriable resource that can help pupils to revise key information at home, at school, or on the go. Art & design pocket posters are ideal for supplementing pupils' artistic learning throughout their school years and in preparation for art exams.

Art vs. Design. What's the Difference?

Art and design are inextricably interlinked. Although notoriously hard to define, art is traditionally created for its visual appeal and is usually an individual activity. Art can reflect a person's experiences and emotions, be based on something practical, such as a bowl of fruit, or something more abstract.

Examples of art include paintings, prints, sculptures, ceramics, crafts and drawings. Design on the other hand, primarily involves the creation of products, as opposed to works of art. Design can also incorporate the thinking, analysing and planning processes that underpin an artistic piece. Effective design is clear, understandable and will communicate a distinct message. Design is used in various aspects of the art taught in schools, such as graphic communication and three-dimensional design. Design projects tend to be initiated for a specific purpose and audience. Art and design habitually combine to create artistic design, wherein two inextricably interlinked parts of a wider project come together to create a distinct unit. Many projects will need the creativity of art and the direction of design to be fully functional. Art with no design is created purely for the artist, whereas artistic design aims to be both inspiring and motivating for an audience.

Daydream Education

At Daydream Education, we provide educational posters, pocket posters and apps for a wide range of subjects, from Art and Design and Design and Technology, to Maths and English! If you would like to order any of our products, or if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch today.