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English A3 Activity Charts

Improve understanding and reinforce learning with our versatile English Activity Charts

Daydream's A3 literacy activity charts are versatile resources that strengthen literacy skills and improve understanding. Based on our award-winning A1 posters, the activity charts are a more practical size for primary schools and include a wide variety of learning activities to reinforce learning.

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A3 English Activity Charts
Items 1 to 15 of 21 total

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  • Forms of Writing Set of Activity Charts

  • The Apostrophe A3 Activity Chart

  • Pronouns, Prepositions and Connectives A3 Activity Chart

  • Punctuation A3 Activity Chart

  • Report Writing A3 Activity Chart

  • Set of 18 Literacy Activity Charts

  • Formal Letter A3 Activity Chart

  • Recount Writing A3 Activity Chart

  • Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Set of Activity Charts

  • Persuasive Writing A3 Activity Chart

  • Capital Letters A3 Activity Chart

  • Instructional Writing A3 Activity Chart

  • i before e A3 Activity Chart

  • Nouns A3 Activity Chart

  • There, Their and They're A3 Activity Chart

Items 1 to 15 of 21 total

Our A3 Activity posters are packed full of engaging educational content plus:

  1. Curriculum-based content
  2. QR codes which link to interactive quizzes
  3. Learning objectives
  4. Activities and quizzes
  5. Unlimited printouts

Wall Chart / Desk Chart

The charts can be used for display purposes as a wall chart or as desk charts for independent or group learning.

Interactive Quizzes

The interactive quizzes are a perfect starter, summary or extension activity. Simply scan the QR code in the bottom corner of the chart with a tablet or SMART phone to access an interactive quiz that assesses pupils understanding of the content covered in the chart. The questions in the quiz are randomly generated to provide a differentiated learning task for pupils every time.

Quizzes and Activities

On the reverse of the chart, there are a selection of quick-fire quizzes and activities to assess pupils knowledge and understanding. The activities can be completed on the chart or printed off from the web link at the bottom of the chart. The Forms of Writing charts contain writing frames and provide guidance to help pupils structure their work.

There are two types of charts in the range, both of which are geared towards improving pupils’ literacy skills:

1. Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar Charts

The Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar charts can be used within lessons for independent or group-lead learning, but are also great extension activities and personalised learning tools for individuals that are struggling with specific problems.

2. Forms of Writing

The Forms of Writing charts are just as versatile, providing teachers and pupils with a comprehensive resource, which can be used for independent learning, group learning or as the main focus of a lesson.

The charts include exemplars, clearly labelled key features, quizzes and activities that are great starter, plenary, summary and extension activities.