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Award-winning English resources designed to enthuse and engage learners

Daydream Education offer a range of colourful and informative English resources for key topics such as nouns, pronouns, prepositions and adjectives, punctuation, sentences, paragraphs, forms of writing and spelling and are designed to work alongside the National Curriculum, covering Key Stages 1, 2, 3 and GCSE.

Pupils will be motivated to increase their knowledge of the English language giving more meaning to words, punctuation, writing, story genres and poems.

  • English Posters

    English Posters

    Our visual and attention grabbing English posters have been designed to engage and enthuse pupils. The charts are a great way of improving understanding of key English topics whilst also brightening up the school environment.

    The posters combine clear and concise curriculum-based content with striking images and graphics to capture pupils attention and interest.

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  • English Revision Guides - Pocket Posters

    English Revision Guides - Pocket Posters

    Our concise and informative English revision guides are simple yet effective learning aids that help to develop pupils' literacy skills. The books simplify key topics, breaking them down into easy to digest chunks of information that help to improve pupils’ confidence and understanding.

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  • English Interactive Software

    English Interactive Software

    Our English Interactive Content Packs combine quality curriculum-based content and the latest technology to deliver a comprehensive yet easy-to-use interactive software package.

    Packed full of engaging interactive presentations, animations, assessment activities and clear and concise curriculum-based content for a variety of key English topics, from basic grammar to forms of writing. The packs provide for students of all learning styles and abilities.

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  • English Apps

    English Apps

    Featuring an abundance of interactive English content and engaging assessment activities, our fantastic English apps provide a flexible and effective tablet-based learning solution that can be easily implemented in the classroom.

    The apps are great for independent and group learning, and include a simple yet effective reporting function for tracking pupil achievement.

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  • English A3 Activity Charts

    English Activity Charts

    Our A3 Literacy Activity Charts are versatile resources that strengthen literacy skills and improve understanding. Based on the content of our award-winning A1 posters, the charts are great independent or group learning tools that include a wide variety of learning activities to help improve pupils' confidence and progress.

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English Resources for Schools

Why is Learning English in School Important?

Learning English is vitally important for all school pupils, from early years, to A level and beyond. English is spoken in many countries all over the world, making it a brilliant language to learn. Good grammar and punctuation skills are also imperative for both schoolwork and future careers. Learning the correct use of capital letters, punctuation and how to structure sentences, will ensure written proficiency. This is a valuable skill for use in various aspects of daily life, such as writing letters, emails and homework. Competency in written and spoken English will be looked upon favorably by employers and provide opportunities for both professional and personal growth and development.

Why Should English Posters be Displayed in the Classroom?

English posters displayed in the classroom will help to brighten the learning area and engage pupils with exam-relevant content. With eye-catching designs, informative content and bright colours, English posters can help to stimulate learning and increase the visual attractiveness of any school environment. Posters that are laminated also mean that students can write on them and express their ideas, whilst still being able to reuse them in the future. English posters are an ideal way to catch students' attention and sustain their interest and motivation for a specific subject. Posters will help learners to absorb material faster through bright colours and clever designs, which promote visual engagement. Not only do school posters make a classroom more inviting and colourful for pupils and visitors alike, they display applicable and relevant content. Especially regarding younger children, English posters displayed in the classroom can help to promote early development and literacy skills. The sooner pupils learn to read and write independently, the more chance they have of progressing throughout school and succeeding in their tests, exams and further education.

How can English Posters be Used in the Classroom?

English posters can be used as helpful teaching aids that will supplement content taught in the classroom. English posters can help children to understand a wide variety of topics, from capital letters, adjectives and standard English, to prepositions, common suffixes and conjunctions. Posters can be used by pupils as visual aids to refresh their existing knowledge of certain subjects. Cognitive science supports the notion that information displayed in a visually pleasing and attractive way can encourage students' learning. English posters can be used in the classroom alongside content taught by the teacher, to encourage pupils' understanding of key English topics. Attractive displays can also be used to introduce a new teaching topic or to complement ongoing work. For example, if the topic that children are learning about is sentence-related, a ' Sentence Rules' or 'Types of Sentences' poster could be utilised effectively. This will help to set the scene for what the class will be studying that specific day and generate engagement prior to the lesson itself.

Why Should the Use of English Revision Guides be Encouraged?

English revision guides can help pupils to understand topics taught in class in their own time and on their own terms. Learning in a classroom, especially after a day of lessons, may cause children to experience a drop in concentration levels or to become distracted by their peers. However, when revising at home with an English revision guide, children can fully focus on the topics that they may have had difficulty understanding during the lesson. Revision guides that include topics relevant to the most up-to-date curriculum will also be a significant help to pupils when it comes to studying for their exams, whether that be end-of-year tests in primary school, or GCSE's and A levels in secondary school. Attempting to retain all the key information needed for an English exam can sometimes be overwhelming, but a handy revision guide will help to break down the content that children need to know and in turn, ensure they feel confident and prepared when their exams eventually come around.

What are the Most Effective Ways to Use an English Revision Guide?

English revision guides can be used effectively as classroom aids, homework helpers or revision reminders. In the classroom, pupils can use revision guides to supplement learning by being able to refer to the useful content contained within the book. English revision guides are also effectively used alongside homework, especially if a student is struggling with the basics of a specific topic. Revision reminders are another brilliant use of an English revision guides and can be used as revision reminders. Sometimes, even the thought of revising can be overwhelming, especially for a subject like English, where a pupil may have masses of worksheets, textbooks and other content to look through. In contrast, succinct English revision guides can guarantee that students will experience a new lease of motivation regarding their revision, as one simple book will not seem as text-heavy or intimidating as several different literatures. Ultimately, English revision guides will be most effective in whichever way a pupil believes they will benefit the greatest: this could perhaps include silent reading, re-writing or reading aloud.

What are English Pocket Posters?

English Pocket Posters are concise revision guides provided by Daydream Education, that manage to break down English topics into understandable, bite-size chunks. The Pocket Posters are a small size, meaning they are no issue to carry to and from school. They simplify all the topics needed to succeed in a secondary school English course, such as conjunctions, argumentative writing, reading literature, analysing themes, prepositions, common suffixes, homophones and many more. English Pocket Posters are a brilliant way to engage pupils and to ensure that they achieve the highest level of understanding possible when it comes to classroom learning and exam revision.

Daydream Education

Daydream Education offer an extensive range of educational posters, pocket posters and apps for various subjects, from English, Maths and Science to Functional Skills, History and Drama. Daydream Education is the UK's leading provider of educational wall charts to schools, with over 20 years' experience in the field. For more information, or if you would like to order any of our products, contact us today.