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The Work of Designers Poster

The Work of Designers PosterThe Work of Designers Poster
The Work of Designers Poster

The Work of Designers Poster

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  • Size: 840mm x 594mm

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Product Description

Daydream Education’s The Work of Designers poster is a colourful and engaging wall chart that teaches school pupils about designers and companies whose innovations shaped their industries. The poster comes in the form of a table featuring a designer next to their inventions. A brief description is provided for each creation and how it revolutionised its respective industry. The purpose of doing so is to show how designers can glean inspiration from one another without plagiarising something that has come before them. Some of the designers featured on the poster include Harry Beck, Coco Chanel, Sir Alec Issigonis, Alexander McQueen, Apple, Dyson and Under Armour.

Its insightful information clearly explains a selection of major players in this fascinating Design and Technology topic. Alongside each enlightening information block is a high-resolution, colourful image which makes the topic of exploring designers and their innovations inspiring and fun. The poster’s large A1 size is optimised for visual learning, aided by its attractive design and bold colours which make it the prefect accessory for any Design and Technology teacher.

You Will Benefit From This Poster If You’re:

  • A teacher
  • A school pupil
  • A home-schooling parent

This Poster Can be Used as:

  • A teaching aid in classrooms
  • A revision summary at home

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