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What’s New in Education in 2019?

Hey, teachers. Welcome back to school. Here at Daydream HQ, we hope you’ve managed to settle back into the daily routine, inspiring and educating the great thinkers of the future.

Are you ready to see the future of education? Or at least, the latest, shiniest resources available to engage your students and improve their understanding and confidence. You are? Great!

Later this month, we’re going to be talking about our latest products at the Bett Show in London (23rd-26th January 2019 - click here to register your spot). If you can make it, come and say ‘hi’ and we’d be more than happy to have a chat and give you some free samples. For now, though, this blog post should be enough to get you excited.

So, what’s new for 2019?

Lots of things! We have big plans this year to extend our range and help more pupils working under a plethora of exam boards. The following products are just some of the thrilling launches that have just arrived or are coming soon in 2019.

AQA Physical Education GCSE Pocket Posters

Our new AQA PE Pocket Poster revision guides are colourful and engaging books that help students of all abilities to gain a deeper understanding of key GCSE – and now they’re available specifically for AQA students. But don’t just take our word on how good they are: they were recently selected as an Amazon’s Choice revision guide set!


Geography GCSE Digital Assessments

Our Geography GCSE Pocket Poster revision guides now benefit from over 1,000 digital assessment questions to reinforce students’ understanding – all available for FREE via our online portal when you buy a Pocket Poster!


Design & Technology Posters

Our wide range of curriculum-based Design & Technology posters are created with a focus on knowledge retention and recall. That’s why we’ve been the UK’s No. 1 provider of educational posters for over two decades – and are quickly becoming one of the biggest in the USA.


Design & Technology GCSE Pocket Posters

Covering the whole curriculum in one handy little book, our Design & Technology GCSE Pocket Poster revision guides provide year-round support for revision, classwork and homework. Parents, teachers and – most importantly – pupils love them!


Bonus Preview

And if that wasn’t enough, we have some breaking news. Later in 2019 we’re launching a range of exam-board-specific Maths GCSE Pocket Posters. Plus, we’ve got a whole new set of Biology, Chemistry and Physics Pocket Poster revision guides.

Like we said, if you’re in London for the Bett Show later this month, we’d be delighted to see you drop by for a chat. We love talking to those who shape young minds.