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Punctuation App receives 5 Star Review from Educational App Store!

“A valuable resource for educators!”

3rd June, 2014


We are proud to announce that our Punctuation App has been awarded 5 Stars and EAS Recommended Status by the Educational App Store (EAS).
EAS is an independent store that identifies the very best apps and certifies them from a curriculum/learning outcomes perspective.

In their review, EAS reviewers praised the visual and engaging nature of the app and how comprehensive it is:

‘What I really like about this app is its attention to detail, making it a very comprehensive resource’.

The flexibility and intuitive nature of the app was also notes by the reviewers:

‘The app looks great as it uses strong, bright colours and is very easy to navigate and use.’

Read the full review here:

Educational App Store Review

There are now over 100,000 educational apps available in the stores therefore, it is important to be able to identify what makes a good educational app.

The Educational App Store created the EAS Certification in order to benchmark the apps against a set of pedagogical criteria and academic research.

The 10 main things to look for in the best educational apps (according to EAS):

• A strong association with learning outcomes (whether curriculum or non-curriculum based).

• Interactivity with the learner via correction and feedback on any questions that are set.

• An ease of use of the app so that the learner does not need any guidance and teach one’s self if necessary.

• A variety of levels in the app so that learners can progress and different levels of learning within the same age-group can be taken into account.

•The ability to collaborate on work with others and co-create.

•The impetus to motivate learners to go beyond the apps and find more information on the subject at hand.

•The impetus to engage learners and hold their attention to fulfil learning objectives.

•Clear pricing, no in-app purchases and privacy controls.

•Good quality, design and sound features.

•Content without errors in subject matter and/or spelling.

Our app ticked every box within the EAS criteria meaning that they think our app is pretty amazing! We are overwhelmed at the review response and are even more proud of our fantastic educational apps.

The punctuation app is available through the Apple and Google Play App stores for only £1.49!