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Read How Brynteg School Is Using Daydream's Posters!

Since displaying Daydream’s posters around the school, both teachers and pupils alike have found them most beneficial.

As part of the whole school drive to improve levels of literacy, we have used many of the core topics to adorn the corridor walls all around the school. In this way, common and often basic errors can be reinforced in other subjects. For example, the use of capital letters for names in History and paragraphing in Geography.

In the classroom, the posters are being used best as a teaching tool rather than simply an eye-catching reminder. I have the Proofreading Checklist, Paragraphing and Punctuation posters behind my desk, so when I look at a learner's book I can highlight errors and guide them towards correcting themselves. As a result, the students actually read the posters for information, and use them to help with their own planning, proofreading and editing.

The Reading Exam Questions and PEE posters are very useful for helping students to instantly recognise and respond to different question types.

I have grouped writing posters according to the types of writing so one wall is solely for Argue, Persuade and Instruct whilst another wall is for Describe, Narrate and Recount. This enables students to identify similarities in different types of writing, such as the use of discourse markers in argue and persuade or the use of imagery in description and narration.

Before I ask students to annotate a text, I guide them to the annotation of, for example, the Film review. They then annotate their own reviews in this way and are able to create their own success criteria.

In short, the posters are extremely effective learning aids that encourage exploration, reinforce learning and contribute greatly to an effective learning environment.

Mrs. E. O’Brien

Brynteg School