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5 Fun History Lesson Plans You Need To Try Out

history lesson plan


There are a number of ways a teacher can deliver a quality, well-structured history lesson for their pupils, and sometimes it's nice to have the odd lesson that is just that little bit different from the norm. Since the new school term is about to start in just a few weeks, we thought we’d help out by giving a few new different ideas to try out in the classroom for your next History lesson.

Europes monarchs2

1.     Europe’s Absolute Monarchs

It’s time to get creative! In this lesson, students were asked to create pop up figures of 4 of Europe’s Absolute Monarchs. These being Louis XIV, Henry VIII, Philip II and Czar Peter the Great.

The teacher provided students with a sheet of 4 cut outs of each monarch, a graphic organiser map with a space for the pupils to write notes about each person.



2.     Ancient Rome

Ever noticed how some pupils find it difficult to learn Roman Numerals? Well here’s another creative idea that might help. Pupils are asked to create Roman coins, and write the Roman numerals on each coin. They will then be asked by a friend or by the teacher to pay for items using the coins.

You can use basic items for pupils to “purchase” with various prices attached to them, such as pens, pencil cases, text books etc.



3.     One Minute History Hot Seat

This is a great idea for exam revision, or to go over a topic you have been teaching over a particular term. This is how it works - various History topics are written onto a piece of paper and placed into a hat. Pupils are given 20 minutes each to study the topic that was pulled out of the hat by them, and after doing so they will be asked to talk in front of the class for 1 minute without hesitation or repetition on their topic.

This method will definitely get pupils thinking quickly, as many will feel the pressure of their peers looking at them.




4.     Answers First, Questions Second

Another interesting revision idea is to have teachers shout out to pupils the ‘answer’ to a particular History topic, and pupils have to come up with the question. Teachers can start the game with easy answers such as, “six wives” – “Henry VIII”, and make it progressively more difficult by being vaguer and more open with your answers. This gives pupils the chance to become creative, and get more involved with a History lesson as they try to come up with inventive questions to your answers.



Gummy bears2gummybears1

5.     Government Systems

And last in our list (but certainly not least!), is an interesting way of teaching pupils about various Government Systems using gummy bears. A rather unorthodox method of teaching this topic, but we love the idea nonetheless.

To plan for this lesson it’s best to first teach the Government systems as you normally would, but then use this as an additional end-of-lesson activity. This will help reinforce the pupils’ learning and understanding of the topic by making it a fun and very memorable task. The gummy bears also make for a great snack just before lunch time too!

Have you used any of the ideas above or something completely different to engage your class for history lessons? Let us know by commenting in the box below, we'd love to hear them!

One thought on “5 Fun History Lesson Plans You Need To Try Out”

  • Miss jones

    This is really good for learning history lessons
    To persevere with the work we do in lessons especially history because it’s important