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Monthly Archives: June 2016

  • English GCSE Pocket Poster - Launch Date Announced!


    After spending a long time in development, with many late evenings and plenty of coffee, we can finally reveal that we will be releasing our new English GCSE Pocket Poster in July 2016!

    Our brand new revision guides have been developed for the new GCSE specifications and provide a colourful and engaging revision, classwork and homework aid for pupils.

    What’s new?

    • Small in size, huge in content – over 80 pages of key GCSE content
    • New larger A5 size
    • Suitable for the new GCSE specification (grades 9-1)
    • Suitable for home and class-based learning

    "The new English Pocket Posters provide a fresh approach to the new English GCSEs. The bright and engaging books are fantastic independent learning aids that help pupils understand and retain key English topics and skills." - Liz Mills, English Teacher, Guilsborough School

    Click here for more information and to see what's inside!

     Pre-order and SAVE 25%!

    To celebrate the launch of our new Pocket Posters, we are offering a 25% discount to all customers who pre-order before 31st July 2016. With the exam season fast approaching and the revision wheels already well in motion there really isn’t a more important time to equip your pupils with these perfect revision resources.

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    To celebrate the launch of our new English GCSE Pocket Poster, we’re giving you the opportunity to WIN £500 worth of English resources for your school!

    To enter this fantastic competition, simply click on one of the links below and RT or Share.

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    The prize includes:

    • 100 x English GCSE Pocket Posters
    • Set of 40 A1 English Posters

    The winner will be announced on 11th July so make sure you don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to win £500 worth of English GCSE resources!

    Save 15% with our Pre-order discount!

    During the pre-launch period we will also be offering a 15% discount to all customers who pre-order our New English Pocket Posters before the 11th July 2016.

    With the academic year coming to an end and the wheels already in motion for September there really hasn't been a better time to equip your classroom with these fantastic English resources.

    To redeem your offer, simply enter the code EXC15 at checkout, or contact us on 0844 800 1660.

    Click here for more information and to have a sneak peek inside!

  • How to keep students engaged during class

    Getting all your students engaged, eager, and on task at the beginning of class is challenging enough. Equally problematic, once you have them locked in to the lesson, is watching them zone out. There's nothing unusual about that. After all, anyone who has to sit through a long lecture is bound to drift off at some point.

    students attention

    So since helping teachers in every walk of life is our passion we thought we'd give you some pointers on how to crack down on the number of sleepy students in your classroom!

    TIP #1 - Link the work to their final grade.

    Students tend to report that they are more motivated to adopt behaviors that will have an impact on their grade, and assigning work that is not linked to the grade can send the message that the work doesn’t matter.


    TIP#2 - Be clear and don't talk so fast!

    Most students report that a big factor to why they don't attend particular teachers lessons is because the teacher talks far too quickly and then subsequently doesn't make it clear what message they are trying to get across to students. Not only does this cause confusion amongst students, but it will also create frustration for the teacher as you will be getting asked the same question by almost every student in the classroom about what they need to do!

    TIP#3Don't be afraid to crack a joke or two!

    When students were asked about instructor behaviors that increase their attention in class, they named the use of humor and the effect that it can have on the classrooms morale. You don't want to be known as a boring, dull teacher but at the same time you don't want to be known as a teacher who doesn't take the classroom seriously and treats it as a circus. As long as you have the right balance then you'll be remembered as a fun, witty and overall great teacher! (Hopefully anyway...)

    students laughing

    TIP#4 - Try and mix it up when possible.

    The most common teaching method seems to be when the teacher just stands at the front and gives a lecture to the class, and sometimes this works, but students respond best when you mix it up a bit, using discussion, group work, hands-on activities and case studies. What's the bonus? Students enrolled in a class that is not primarily based on lectures tend to use their mobile phone a lot less!

    TIP#5 - Relate learning to students lives.

    Millennial learners, in particular, report a need to understand how learning has a relevance to their real lives. Spending time creating assignments that are linked to current or future life situations will pay off in greater student engagement and motivation.

    So there we have it, 5 tips to engage and enthuse your students in your lessons. Why not try implementing some of them in to your next lesson?

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  • Why teachers are superheroes!

    If you look up the definition of the word, superheroes accomplish the extraordinary feat of turning horrible situations into great acts of heroism through their servitude and their super human abilities! For that reason, teachers are basically superheroes and here are some reasons why.

    Number 1: 

    Teachers sacrifice a lot of their own time for the benefit of their students. This can include coming to work an hour earlier or staying an hour later after the bell has gone at the end of the day just to mark their students homework and coursework, put together new activities for classrooms and new lesson plans. So if you think that your teacher will be taking it easy over the summer holidays then you need to think again! 

    teacher marking work

    Number 2:

    Teachers are able to develop pupils with no confidence, to pupils that excel in their subject and go on to become a professional in their field! Where there are students failing, they invest their time to help them succeed. Sometimes the results of their work come fast, as they quickly see the light bulb turn on in their students mind. Other times, it may take many years to see all of their graft pay off when a school leaver, who used to be in their year 7 class, walks across the school hall on results day to receive an A* in a subject they used to be terrified of.

    But one thing is certain, teachers have what it takes to turn students school lives around! Think that a subject is too difficult for you to learn? A great teacher is there to tell you that you CAN do it!

    you can do it teacher

    Number 3: 

    To be a superhero teacher, you need to have many superpowers! The best teachers are more than just educators that stand in front of a classroom and give a lecture to their class for an hour straight. The best teachers are motivators, role models, leaders and great listeners. The list goes on and on.

    It almost feels like they can teach you how to fly, because of that feeling you get after you have learned something that you never thought you could do! Teachers need to be many things to many people at the same time, but they can magically make every individual feel valued and important. And yet, unfortunately, teachers are not always given the credit they deserve for the hard work they put in for their students!

    Daydream Education however have been noticing the gift that you teachers keep on giving for almost 20 years! Which is why we offer our educational resources to you as a helping hand, because sometimes even superheroes can benefit from the help of their trusty sidekick... 

    super power

  • Creating a Meaningful Learning Environment

    Do you ever wonder whether your students are actually interested in what you're teaching them? Do you question whether your students appreciate how the information you address in class is relevant to them?

    It's been proven that students are a lot more likely to be enthused and engaged in your classroom if the content you deliver to them is relevant to them and has a connection to their interests.

    Use the K-W-L strategy.

    One of the best ways to get an understanding of how your students like to learn is by using the 'K-W-L' technique. Instructors who use the “K-W-L technique” ask their students to list what they know, what they want to know, and what they learned after each lesson. This data is exceptionally helpful in adjusting the content of lessons to ensure that you meet the needs of your students. 


    Make your material come alive!

    Problem-based learning presents students with cases and follow-up questions to guide analysis. Students can work individually, or in small groups. By choosing cases that connect to real-world problems you're more likely to get a better engagement rate from your students as it can cause debate and a chance for them to express their opinions on the matter.

    Work experience is another powerful way for students to appreciate the relevance of your material. In work experience, students get the chance to work at sites that relate to their study (e.g., social service agencies for psychology classes, not-for-profit corporations for business courses), by students getting real work based experience it gives them a better chance of understanding the field that they're studying in!

    Are there any resources at hand to help?

    Of course there are, we wouldn't be the UK's leading provider of educational posters if we didn't give our teachers a hand to help!

    Daydream Education's colourful and engaging posters have been designed to help improve pupil understanding; breaking down curriculum-based topics into easily digestible chunks of information. The visual and attention grabbing designs are guaranteed to brighten up classrooms and engage users of all ages, abilities and learning styles.

    With our posters covering a range of subjects from Art & Design all the way to Spanish, it's fair to say we've left some teachers spoilt for choice! For more information you can check out our full range of posters here.

  • World Environment Day Idea!

    World Environment Day is the UN’s principal vehicle for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the environment.   It also serves as the 'people’s day’ for doing something positive for the environment, galvanizing individual actions into a collective power that generates an exponential positive impact on the planet.

    Last year we constructed a blog giving you teaching ideas for World Environment Day but this year we've been given a helping hand from Sainsbury's Bank who have come up with a great idea which we couldn't wait to share with you all!

    It can be a lot of work to attract backyard birds, but doing so can offer many benefits beyond just enjoying backyard visitors. Your backyard birds are part of the local ecosystem, and attracting them to your yard means planning bird friendly landscaping, adding fresh, clean water to the yard and choosing the best bird feeders and bird houses. If you do these things, you will discover benefits such as:

    • Pest control
    • Flower Pollination
    • Increased Property Values
    • Environmental Conservation
    • Stress Relief (Who doesn't love the sound of birds chirping on a Sunday afternoon?)

    So just how exactly do you make a bird feeder that will not only attract bird to your backgarden but will protect the environment too? Well thankfully Sainsbury's have provided us with a super helpful step by step guide on how to do so!


    So with the beautiful British sun hopefully making an appearance over the course of the weekend, this could be a great idea for you and your child to put together as a little activity to celebrate World Environment Day and to eventually attract all kinds of birds to your back garden. If any of you decide to give it a go then please feel free to send in any photo's to our Twitter page or Facebook page using the hashtag - #WorldEnvironmentDay

    We'll also be joining in on the fun by promoting our Eco Poster Pack specially for World Environment Day!


  • Pocket Posters subtract the fear of Maths anxiety!

    Is the very thought of solving a maths problem making you feel uneasy? Well, you could be suffering from a real case of 'maths anxiety'.

    How is Maths anxiety adopted?

    It’s usually because of a bad experience, so this could be from being punished for under performing in a test or a feeling of embarrassment after answering a question incorrectly.

    The way teachers feel about the subject also has an impact – if teachers think maths is hard and scary then the class will too.

    How can Maths anxiety be spotted?

    It’s important to build up good relationships with your class so they can tell you when they’re anxious. But if your students don’t communicate their worries directly, there are signs to look out for.

    • Panic - A child may start to show signs of rapid breathing, increased heart rate and an upset stomach when represented with a maths problem.
    • Paranoia - Your student may begin to believe that they are the only person in the classroom who can't tackle the maths problem.
    • Lack of confidence - The student may skip many of the questions, won't want to work alone and will regularly double check their answers with you.
    • Passive behaviour - Instead of getting on with their work they will do nothing about their problem.

    student stressed

    How can teachers tackle Maths anxiety?

    Concentrate more on their areas of discomfort. This could involve one-to-one after school sessions, or specific lesson plans that can be delivered by teaching assistants. Also, try to relate their personal interests to maths problems, so if a student likes football, use the sport’s statistics to reinforce maths concepts.

    What resources are at hand to help?

    Our Maths Pocket Posters are a great way to help ease students 'Maths anxiety'. Pocket Posters are colourful and engaging reference books that are helping thousands of pupils across the UK with class activities, homework and revision. The clear and concise reference books break down key curriculum-based topics into easily digestible chunks of information to improve pupil understanding.

    Who knows? You could even be eligible for a FREE sample of the book! Just drop a quick email to request your sample!





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