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Monthly Archives: February 2016

  • Daydream Education Short-listed for Educational Resource Award!

    Daydream Education finalists in the ERA 2016.

    We are proud to announce that Daydream Education has been shortlisted as a finalist at the Educational Resources Awards 2016 for Supplier of the Year!

    ERA2016 Finalist Logo CMYK


    Organised by Brilliant Marketing Solutions and The British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA), The Education Resources Awards (ERA) are now in their 18th successful year and are firmly established as the premier annual event to celebrate outstanding success for the suppliers and teaching professionals of the education sector throughout the UK.

    The awards highlight and reward the quality and diversity of educational products, resources, services and people as well as the best educational establishments and the most dedicated members of the teaching profession. The ERA’s aims to encourage the raising of educational services & product standards throughout the industry and is recognised throughout the sector as the Accolade of excellence.

    The Supplier of the Year award is judged on:

    • How our product range meets the needs of schools today
    • How we demonstrate outstanding customer-care and an exceptional standard of service to education
    • How we are developing an awareness of and a responsibility towards sustainability and the environment

    Our commitment to producing outstanding educational resources is matched by our determination to provide a high standard of customer service and support. We have a professional yet personal relationship with our customers and are extremely responsive. We offer on-going support with many of our products and will never fail to resolve any customer issue.

    These are just some of the many reasons, why we believe we have been shortlisted at the Education Resources Awards 2016.

    Keeping a close eye on changes and trends in the education industry always ranks highly on our priority list and we pride ourselves on consistently adapting our products so that they meet the ever changing needs and expectations of students and teachers alike. The winners will be announced at the National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham on the 18th of March, coinciding with the Education Show! For more information about the awards click here.

    More information about the Education Show can be found here.



    World Book Day is a celebration! It's a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and, most importantly, reading! In fact it's the biggest celebration of its kind; being celebrated in over 100 countries worldwide!

    Here at Daydream, we will be celebrating by dressing up as our favourite book characters!

    The World Book Day website is packed with teaching resources, ideas, competitions and anything else you'll need to make your World Book Day celebrations a success and encourage reading for pleasure all year round.

    To celebrate World Book Day and help inspire the next generation of authors, we are giving away a FREE Story Writing Resource Pack, which includes:

    - Printable Story Writing Poster
    - Story Writing Worksheets
    - Story Writing Writing Frames

    To claim your free poster, simply write "Happy World Book Day" on our Facebook page or tweet us "Happy World Book Day" on Twitter!

    All of our Story Writing Resources above are part of our English Interactive Software. Click here to request your free 30 day trial.

    We hope you have a fantastic World Book Day!

  • Do you have what it takes to survive exam season?


    Door-slamming, tantrums, and sleepless nights are all too common in many UK homes now that the exam season is approaching - with teenagers, parents and teachers all sharing the pain. So how do you make sure you keep your motivation levels high without crumbling before the exams arrive? Here are 5 ways to get through the exam season without completely losing the plot!

    Stick to the schedule


    See studying as a job (including your lessons of course) and make sure you stick to the times you set out for yourself. If you decide on 9am as a starting time, get up before then, have breakfast, get ready and actually begin studying at 9am. Using self-discipline like this ensures that you are spending as much time on your studies as you can, and that after you get your exam results you actually know you have done your best.

    Stick to the schedule


    Remove distractions and find the right environment


    Making sure you have the right surroundings when revising is a key element when trying to concentrate and absorb information. So don’t try and revise whilst using your phone to scroll through Twitter or to finish off your game on the Xbox! Studying alone in a quiet room suits some people, but not everyone likes working in silence. Try playing music quietly in the background, or revising with a friend (but don't let them distract you either!).

    Remove distractions


    Get some sleep!


    You definitely don’t want to be yawning your way through the exam or your revision. People perform better when they’ve had plenty of rest, so put the books away at a suitable hour and get to bed. If you’re struggling to sleep, take a warm bath or have a milky drink before bed. These techniques might be similar to the ones your parents used when you were small, but they really do work. Oh and don’t leave it until midnight to attempt to sleep because you’ve been up all night watching videos of hilarious pranks gone wrong on Youtube!

    Get some sleep


    Stay positive! Remember PMA… (Positive Mental Attitude)


    If you believe in yourself then it makes the task seem a lot less scary, so it’s really important to stay positive. Think about all the things you’ve already learnt and revised rather than the ones to come, and at the end of each day remind yourself of three good things that happened that day – perhaps you finally got your head around quadratic equations or made some good notes on the Shakespeare play you are studying. By worrying and overthinking things it will just make the whole situation seem impossible to conquer!



     The big day itself!


    It's natural to be nervous on exam days, but don't let your nerves take over. Start the day with a good breakfast, and give yourself plenty of time to get to the exam hall. Remember to take everything you need, including pencils, pens and a calculator.

    Once the exam has started, take a few minutes to read the instructions and questions so you know exactly what's expected of you. Plan how much time you'll need for each question. Don't panic if you get stuck on a question, but try to leave yourself enough time at the end to come back to it.

    Once the exam is over, don't spend too much time analyzing what you’ve done or comparing your answers with your friends as this will only make you panic even more!

    The big day itself

  • Maths Tutor App receives 5 Star Review from Educational App Store!

    We are proud to announce that our Maths Tutor App has been awarded 5 Stars and EAS Recommended Status by the Educational App Store (EAS).


    EAS is an independent store that identifies the very best apps and certifies them from a curriculum/learning outcomes perspective.

    In their review, EAS reviewers praised the visual and engaging nature of the app and how comprehensive it is:

    ‘What you’ll find is an app that lets children learn and revise at their own pace and lets teachers administrate and direct this learning’.

    ‘The topics include a well-designed tuition section with diagrams, photographs and well-written explanations. What sets these apart from many other similar apps is the amount of explanation and the quality of it.’

    Brought to you by award-winning educational publisher, Daydream Education, this FREE Maths app is a flexible learning and teaching tool that offers a wealth of interactive content to help improve understanding of key topics, including:

    - Addition

    - Subtraction

    - Multiplication

    - Division

    - Fractions

    - Converting Fractions, Decimals & Percentages

    - Time

    - Problem Solving

    Unlike the majority of educational apps which are simply games-based apps, this app provides a more complete solution, enabling users to learn, practice and assess important numeracy skills, all within one app.

    All topics included in the app contain a reporting and section that enables users to track their progress and assess their level of understanding.



    - Step-by-step video presentations

    - Interactive tutorials

    - Fully curriculum-aligned

    - Differentiated games and activities

    - Randomly-generated levelled assessments

    - Achievement and progress reporting

    - Integrated notepad

    - Awards-based

    - School user management system

    For teachers, the app provides full curriculum alignment, broken down by screen and assessment activity, whilst the engaging interactive screens and step-by-step presentations are perfect for independent, group and class learning. Registered teachers are also able to create schools and benefit from additional free features, including user management, content management, bulk purchasing and reporting.

    "Perfect for classroom use…this app is worth a download."

    "This app ticks all the boxes which other educational apps should benchmark against." EAS (Educational App Store)

    "Some of the most important new apps for schools using iPads in the classroom." Lee Parkinson, @ICT_MrP

    To read the full review, click here.

    The Maths Tutor app is available through the Apple and Google Play App stores for FREE!

  • Top 10 revision tips for your GCSE PE class

    EXAMS can be difficult for the most able of pupils and as a teacher, you are likely to bear the brunt of an anxious class as GCSEs approach.
    With this in mind, we have put together our top 10 revision tips to help make sure your PE students remain calm, focused and ready to tackle whatever the test papers throw at them.

    1. Make a plan and stick to it

    Unfortunately, the knowledge demanded by a PE theory paper cannot be learned overnight. Avoid last-minute panic by encouraging your students to plan ahead and suggest creating a revision timetable for the weeks leading up to exam season.
    Setting aside a little time every day is much more effective than cramming the night before.


    2. Turn the tables

    True understanding only comes from teaching others. Ask your students to take on the role of tutor and run ‘study workshops’ where they can explain concepts to their classmates.

    If all else fails, friends and family can always be drafted in to listen politely!

    3. Short but sweet

    Remind your students that there is only so much information the brain can take in at any one time. Sessions of around 20 minutes are best and a short break is a good idea after studying for an hour.

    4. Minimise distractions

    This one is easier said than done. Phones and access to social media kill concentration.

    Ask your class to think about switching off for a short time so that they can focus on what they need to do now. Remind them that it will not be forever.

    5. Early birds

    Delaying revision all day is a sure-fire way to make sure it never gets done. Worse still is the ominous sensation of dread you feel when you keep putting something off.
    Study in the morning and the afternoon is free. What is more, research shows that alertness and concentration is much better earlier in the day.

    6. Exercise

    Here is where your PE class can really excel. Exercise is a great way to switch off from the stresses of revision and even better, scientists believe physical activity can also aid memory. After all, a healthy body equals a healthy mind.

    7. Be bold

    Who says revision notes have to be in neat, black handwriting? Flow-charts, colourful diagrams and posters can all help to get the point across equally well. Ask your class to share ideas about what techniques work for them.

    8. Use rewards

    All work and no play might make some students feel virtuous but it is a false economy. Hard work should always be rewarded.
    Encourage them to include little treats in their revision timetables to boost motivation.

    9. Practice papers

    Whatever examination board you are using, practising past papers is one way to highlight and target individual gaps in knowledge as well help your students get a better understanding of different question formats.

    10. Small is beautiful

    For a handy revision tool, take a look at Daydream Education’s new range of PE pocket posters.

    These fantastic new books, which are also available as an app, are packed full of colourful and stimulating content to engage pupils and help them develop a deeper understanding of key PE topics.

    To help your class prepare for GCSEs and to order any of our products, call our friendly team now on 0844 800 1660.

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