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Monthly Archives: March 2014

  • Multiplication App receives 5 Stars and EAS Recommended Status!

    “The app is amazing and children will really enjoy working with it!”

    5th March, 2014


    We are proud to announce that our Multiplication App has been awarded 5 Stars and EAS Recommended Status by the Educational App Store (EAS).
    EAS is an independent store that identifies the very best apps and certifies them from a curriculum/learning outcomes perspective.

    In their review, EAS reviewers praised how the app was developed and how easy it is for teachers and pupils to use the app in classroom:

    ‘Both teachers and learners will find it very easy to navigate the app so there should be no problems in using it in the classroom and at home. Moreover, teachers can use the app for either independent or group learning’.

    The flexibility and intuitive nature of the app was also notes by the reviewers:

    ‘Sometimes apps are amazing on one level but have other things missing that would make it an exception app. However, this app has really been well-thought through and it ticks all the boxes to make it a fantastic app that some other educational apps should benchmark against.’

    Read the full review here:

    There are now over 100,000 educational apps available in the stores therefore, it is important to be able to identify what makes a good educational app.

    The Educational App Store created the EAS Certification in order to benchmark the apps against a set of pedagogical criteria and academic research.

    The 10 main things to look for in the best educational apps (according to EAS):

    • A strong association with learning outcomes (whether curriculum or non-curriculum based).

    • Interactivity with the learner via correction and feedback on any questions that are set.

    • An ease of use of the app so that the learner does not need any guidance and teach one’s self if necessary.

    • A variety of levels in the app so that learners can progress and different levels of learning within the same age-group can be taken into account.

    •The ability to collaborate on work with others and co-create.

    •The impetus to motivate learners to go beyond the apps and find more information on the subject at hand.

    •The impetus to engage learners and hold their attention to fulfil learning objectives.

    •Clear pricing, no in-app purchases and privacy controls.

    •Good quality, design and sound features.

    •Content without errors in subject matter and/or spelling.

    Our app ticked every box within the EAS criteria meaning that they think our app is pretty amazing! We are overwhelmed at the review response and are even more proud of our fantastic educational apps.

    Buy our Multiplication App through the app store today for just £2.49

  • Daydream Education launches new website!

    Making it easier to learn, browse and Shop!

    5th March, 2014

    Here at Daydream, we are very excited to announce the launch of our stylish new website!

    Redesigned to offer quick and easy access to learning materials, product information and industry specific news, the site is part of Daydream’s ongoing efforts to enhance the quality and availability of information to its customers worldwide.

    Over the past few months, the team at Daydream Education have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to successfully build you a structured, easy to navigate and engaging website. This is something we believe we have successfully achieved!

    The website boasts a modern, colourful design, which is characteristic of Daydream’s clear and concise approach to learning, and offers a variety of navigation paths that enables customers to shop by subject, age range or product type.

    The website’s user-friendly nature provides users with more efficient access to our resources and features:

    - Simplified navigation

    - Effortless shopping and checkout process

    - Phone and tablet responsiveness

    - Real-time blogs for industry specific news and product info

    - FREE Resource and 30 day trial sections

    To celebrate the launch we are offering a 15% discount on all orders placed in February. Simply enter the code “NEWSITE” at checkout.

    We’d love to hear what you think of the new site so please contact us at with your thoughts! 

  • Daydream Education awarded 'Animate 2 Educate' Gold Star for Educational Apps!

    Bringing the curriculum to life!

    5th March, 2014

    Gold star

    Daydream Education is delighted to announce that they have been awarded an Animate 2 Educate Gold Star for their new range of Educational Apps. Martin Bailey, Director of Animate 2 Educate, commented:

    “Daydream Education has continued their tradition of quality products with its unique range of curriculum apps.

    Packed full of content, beautiful presentations and easy to navigate content for both pupils and teachers, Daydream Education apps will bring your curriculum to life and are worthy winners of the Animate 2 Educate Gold Star for quality apps!”

    Animate 2 Educate are a team of consultants who deliver staff training sessions and pupil workshops within schools throughout the UK. Each workshop aims to show teachers how to use the latest ICT technologies to teach curriculum topics in a fun and creative way. Animate 2 Educate also run the North East iPad Network and conduct regular iPad training sessions. These sessions involve demonstrations and advice on the latest apps and equipment, hands-on training on a wide range of apps and practical advice for using iPads in education as well as help and support with technical issues.

    Martin (Director of Animate 2 Educate) has been a primary school teacher for the past 14 years and an ICT Coordinator in 5 different schools across Gateshead, Durham and South Tyneside in that time. He stated that: “Whilst many schools have integrated iPads for pupil use, hardly any are using the iPad as the whole class teaching resource. The next step is for teachers to be delivering content for whole class teaching direct from their iPad and I think that the Daydream Education apps are a perfect example of how the iPad could be used in this way.”

    The strapline of Animate 2 Educate is 'Bringing the Curriculum to Life' and Martin thinks this fits in perfectly with what our apps are all about . . . . bringing the curriculum to life with Daydream Education apps! Receiving this kind of recognition from someone with such expertise in the industry is invaluable and shows that Daydream’s Educational Apps can make a real difference to how children engage in education.

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