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Monthly Archives: February 2011

  • The ERA's 2011! Daydream shortlisted for two awards

    Daydream shortlisted for two awards

    17th February 2011

    We are proud to announce that Daydream Education has been shortlisted for two ERA Awards!

    Our English and Geography Interactive Content Packs have been nominated for Best Primary Resources or Equipment involving ICT and Best Secondary Resources or Equipment involving ICT categories respectively. The shortlisted entries have been chosen by an independent panel of experienced education professionals.

    ERA 2008 Award

    The winners will be announced at the National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham on the 18th of March. Coinciding with the Education Show, the awards bring to light the high-quality and innovative educational resources created by dedicated educational suppliers.

    Chris Malcolm, CEO, Daydream Education commented:

    "We have spent many years sparking the curiosity in pupils with our innovative and dynamic Interactive Content Packs. As the majority of the judging panel are teachers, we are particularly pleased to be recognised for the quality and effectiveness of our learning solutions."

    You can visit us at the Education Show in March on stand O45 to find out all about our brilliant resources - be one of the first to try our brand new ICT Content Packs!

  • Putting Daydream on the map

    Geography Interactive Case Study

    14th February 2011


    Neston High School, a specialist college of science and the visual arts is well established and respected in the community, catering for over 1500, 11-18 mixed students. Located in a semi-rural area of Cheshire, the school has a full range of soci-economic backgrounds and academic abilities. The school’s mission statement and aims are as follows:

    Together we strive for excellence. We aim:

    1. To offer high quality education
    2. To foster a love of learning
    3. To engender a strong sense of shared responsibility and mutual respect
    4. To develop self worth and confidence
    5. To recognise we are an integral part of the community

    How Daydream Education's Content Packs are easy to use

    The Content Packs were easy to upload onto our school PCs, projectors, interactive whiteboards, network and VLE. The set up of the packs on our Fronter VLE provides easy pathways in, through and out of the software, increasing the accessibility of resources throughout the school. The toolbar format is familiar and functional, while the easily recognisable symbols/icons increase accessibility.

    The software is student-friendly, robust and logical and embraces various learning styles. For teachers, the software provides a wide range of activities which can easily be incorporated into existing lesson plans. It delivers for KS3/4 Geography knowledge and skills as well as functional skills.

    Stimulating Interactivity and Collaboration in the Classroom

    The interactive charts can be used individually, in groups or by the whole class. Neston High School invested in the use of whiteboard pads, integrating Daydream’s Content Packs into the classroom. Our students love to work together and compete whilst using the Fun Features and Quizzes.

    The additional notes, printable worksheets and exam questions are woven into lessons for collaborative learning. They can be done individually and then peer marked for collaboration and improved learning.

    Promoting Creativity

    The charts have colourful text and visuals that encourage students to write expressively and stimulates artistic illustrations in their work.

    Elements of the slides can be turned on or off to allow students to ‘say what they see’ then explain the material in their own words, rather than just read from the screen. Creative tasks are embedded within the quizzes, worksheets and exam questions, whilst the Geographical Enquiry chart encourages students to ask open ended questions, allowing investigation of the topic in depth.

    Using the VLE, students can work at home, allowing them independent and freer thinking and expression in their responses.


    A range of human, physical and environmental curriculum content can be found all in one package and spans key stages 2, 3 and 4. The software is accessible to all at key stage 3 and supports preparation for the new KS4 Controlled Assessment with hypothesis testing and question formulation material.

    The charts have added value in the accompanying features; additional notes, quizzes, fun features, worksheets and exam questions. Value is added economically and also educationally; with the software’s varied learning experiences, ready produced - by teachers for teachers.

    They embrace fun and enjoyment as key learning experiences and do not ‘dumb down’ content or learning pathways.

    Benefits - Daydream Education's Content Packs on our VLE

    Accessible anywhere, students can fix their learning and understanding or practice their skills using the tasks available on our VLE. It provides homework that deepens and widens classroom learning across a welcome range of popular curricular areas in Geography. Work can be left for either teacher marking or students can get instant feedback. Parents can also access and view what and how their children are doing.

    Raising standards in Neston High School

    Daydream’s Content Packs have dramatically increased communication and collaboration within the school and have provided more triangulation between student, parent and teacher and therefore fostering more student access.

    The lively challenging resources give good revision stimulus so students can do better in in-school and external assessments. There is improved classroom understanding and the software helps produce better quality of verbal and written responses. It also provides more opportunities for interactive and collaborative learning and has raised students’ performance in this year’s KS3 and SATS exams.

    Student behaviour has improved due to the stimulating and challenging content and tasks, allowing them to work independently and apply more thinking skills to their work.

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