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Monthly Archives: January 2009

  • What is a VLE/Learning Platform?

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    20th January, 2009

    The new revolution in e-learning is here. But what exactly is a VLE and how will it improve the learning process?

    BECTA tells us:

    A virtual learning environment (VLE) is a standardised, computer-based environment that supports the delivery of web-based learning and facilitates on-line interaction between students and teachers. A VLE might consist of a variety of components designed both to assist in conventional classroom learning as well as support distance learners gaining remote access to an institution’s course and assessment materials.

    ERA 2008 Winner

    This clearly defines a VLE but what are the benefits of a VLE and more importantly, how will a VLE benefit our school?'

    What are the benefits of a VLE?

    'How will a VLE benefit me?'

    General Benefits

    1. VLEs provide a single learning platform that is consistent and easy to manage and learn
    2. Communication through e-mail, discussion groups and chat rooms
    3. Mobilises learning

    Benefits for Students

    1. Anytime, anywhere access to learning materials
    2. Improved motivation and skill
    3. Development of deep and strategic learning styles

    Benefits for Teachers

    1. Improved and diversified communication with pupils
    2. Allows teachers to prepare and store work
    3. Resources and lesson plans are easily created and shared across a VLE
    4. Allows teachers to assess pupils' progress

    Benefits for Parents

    1. Improved communication with teachers and school
    2. Allows monitoring of both work and attendance
    3. Offers increased opportunity to support learning

    So, it is clear to see that VLEs are an exciting new development in education and elearning, but what good is a VLE without quality content?

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